What Happens When God Can be Mother Too?

Until Dad Gets His Sweet On

Marshall has been in the thick of unbelief again. He said on Sunday, “I believe Jesus did miracles, but not that he rose from the dead.” He thinks Jesus was a lucky fluke of evolution.

I’ve noticed Marshall’s faith in God’s existence fluctuates with whether I’m reading something inspiring to him daily. We found some devotions for kids in the garage that have one-word themes for a few days like “crown” or “bread.”

I was reading one and adding “God the Mother” to “God the Father.” Marshall said, “How can God be both mother and father?” I replied, “Those are metaphors. Usually Father is used for God, but God can be Mother, too.”

He said, “I like Mother, because you’re better than Dad. You’re sweet and God is sweet.”

I am not always sweet. But Dad is Old School, kind of like the Old Testament God, at least sometimes. Not with “the belt” (like he and his friends got) but in his expectations and heavy disapproval of disobedience.

Maybe when Dad gets his “sweet” on (many of us do with time and grace), so will God the Father for Marshall. But meanwhile, I am grateful God is Mother, too.

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