What Happens When God Can be Mother Too?

About Me

Welcome to The Mother God Experiment! If you are a Jesus-follower and a feminist, you will find this blog a safe place to explore feminine images for God. Together, we will chip away at our masculine-only God image, until there is room for the image of woman, too, in how we relate to God. (Note that I am not advocating for permanently doing away with masculine images or titles for God, such as Father. But I am taking a break from them during The Mother God Experiment.)

I take Mother God into my every day world and see what She does and share with you from my heart, in my posts. How does my world change, my mothering improve, my heart open, when I use the metaphor of Mother for God? This is my personal experiment and you are coming along. And you can do it, too. See my devotional resources and e-mail me at sjmharrison@protonmail.com to connect.

To get started on the blog, and find out why I started it, check out my page What Is the Mother God Experiment?

I love to learn, and The Mother God Experiment is a result of curiosity and a craving to grow. I earned the Master of Divinity from Regent College in 2004 and the Master of Clinical Psychology from George Fox University in 2008. Then I became a mother, which changed everything. But my drive to write and to explore new frontiers in faith continues.

Besides writing and blogging, I unschool two exceptional kids in the Pacific Northwest, along with my husband. When we can, we garden on our (sub)urban mini-farm, and we read and write. Mostly though, we (re-)read books to our 3- year-old, hang out with our 11-year-old son who loves to write and read, too, and cook Paleo meals. My husband also teaches philosophy and religion at a local university.

Early in my blog, you’ll notice that I talk about Asperger’s Syndrome and bullying. Two years ago our oldest son, endured a very intense bullying situation that was, sadly, approved by a frustrated special education teacher. This was the backdrop of the beginning of The Mother God Experiment, at a time when I especially needed to know an intimate God I could trust to be always present.

My more recent posts are more analytical in nature, as I came to gradually realize that Bible-based Christians need some solid reasons to experiment with calling God Mother. There are many. Start here.

I’d love to know you’re out there. To connect with me on Twitter, drop me a line @SusanHarrisonMG or find me here on Facebook.